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Master of Theology

Bible expositors who are qualified to serve God effectively

Master of Theology (MTh)

Credit Hours: 180
Prerequisites: Bachelor of Theology Degree or other approved courses

A Master of Theology (MTh) degree focuses on leadership, and historical and biblical theology. The degree program is designed to provide a theological foundation for ministerial service. Such graduate study aims at preparing students for further study at the doctoral level, for the ministry of teaching theology, and other specialized ministries within the Christian community.

Courses You’ll Complete to Earn Your Degree

  • TH 501 The Making of a Leader I
  • TH 502 The Making of a Leader II
  • TH 503 The Making of a Leader III
  • TH 504 Church History I – Book of Acts
  • TH 505 Church History II – Book of Acts
  • TH 506 The Major Covenants I
  • TH 507 The Major Covenants II
  • TH 508 The Book of Romans
  • TH 509 1 Corinthians
  • TH 510 2 Corinthians
  • TH 601 The Minor Prophets I
  • TH 602 The Minor Prophets II
  • TH 603 The Book of Hebrews I
  • TH 604 The Book of Hebrews II
  • TH 605 1,2,3 John & Jude
  • TH 606 Homiletics I
  • TH 607 Homiletics II
  • TH 608 The Feasts of Israel I
  • TH 609 The Feasts of Israel II
  • TH 610 The Feasts of Israel III

Graduation Requirements

Before graduating with a Master of Theology Degree, the student must satisfy the following requirements:

Complete at least 180 cumulative semester credit hours.

Complete all required coursework, essays, homework, and exams for the Master of Theology Degree Program.

Have at least a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or higher.

Complete the Ruach School of Theology Graduation Application.

Pay the required graduation fee of $225.00

Masters Degree Thesis Requirements

  • A 25-page Thesis is required for this degree plan.
  • Thesis topics will be given to the students by the Dean in the Spring Semester of their proposed graduation year.
  • Presentation and defense of the student’s thesis is not required.
  • The thesis submission deadline is May 31st of the student’s proposed graduation year.
  • Once submitted, the thesis becomes the property of RSOT.
  • The student is encouraged to cite all sources, as plagiarism of any material is not acceptable and may result in a failing grade. A minimum of 5 sources is required.

Total Cost w/o Books: $3,400.00 (Payment Arrangement Accepted)


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