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Degree Programs

Courses that build foundational blocks

Degree Programs

The RSOT is committed to providing higher education. Our concern for academic excellence emanates from the belief that Christian higher education should be superior, not inferior, to that provided by other colleges and universities.  Therefore, every effort is made to provide the academic excellence worthy of a school dedicated to the Lord and necessary for the education of those preparing for service to the Lord in the days to come.

All RSOT degree programs are remote learning-based allowing students to join courses through real-time video conferencing, allowing rich interaction and discussion.

Curricular Programs

Ideally, the degree plans are set up for a student who enrolls at the Diploma of Biblical Studies level and continues on through the completion of the Doctor of Theology Degree program.  Cumulatively from start to finish, the student would earn 240 credit hours.

The cumulative semester hours including the transfer of any approved credits that are required for graduation are listed below:

Diploma in Biblical Studies  30 Credit Hours
Associate of Theology  60 Credit Hours
Bachelor of Theology 120 Credit Hours
Master of Theology 180 Credit Hours
Doctor of Theology 240 Credit Hours


In cases where students already have bible college credit or Theology degrees, their transcripts will be evaluated to determine what courses are eligible for substitution under the current degree plan and graduation requirements.  To ensure appropriate student placement, after transcript evaluation and transfer of proper credit, a degree plan will be developed for students to ensure they meet all graduation requirements.

Associate Degree Program

The Associate of Arts degree is designed to provide students with a basic knowledge of the Bible and its interpretation as preparation for further training for vocational ministry. The program gives the student solid preparation for the Bachelors program.

Bachelor Degree Programs

The Bachelors degree is the final two years of the student’s undergraduate study. The program prepares the student for the Masters degree programs. 

Masters Degree Program

This is a professional and spiritual growth experience designed to help you gain the skills and hands-on educational experience you need to advance your career — all while applying your faith to your profession and vocation.

Doctorate Degree Programs

The doctoral programs at Ruach prepare students for high level ministry in the academy, the church, and marketplace.


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Graduate Programs

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Doctorate Degree Programs

Certificate Programs

Certificate Programs