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Doctor of Theology

Explore, understand, and explain Christian beliefs and practices

Doctor of Theology (ThD)

Credit Hours: 240
Prerequisites: Master of Theology Degree or other approved courses

Through cumulative study, the Doctor of Theology degree program focuses on historical, biblical, systematic, Soteriology (the study of Salvation), Ecclesiology (the study of the Church) and Eschatology (the study of last things or end times) theology. This degree plan is designed to provide a sound theological foundation for ministerial service.

Courses You’ll Complete to Earn Your Degree

  • TH 701 Ecclesiology – The Church in the New Testament
  • TH 704 Understanding the Anointing
  • TH 705 The Believer’s Authority
  • TH 401 The Magna Carta – Galatians
  • TH 408 Pastoral Epistle -1 Timothy
  • TH 706 The Ministry of Women
  • TH 707 Ecclesiology – Church Discipline
  • TH 708 Ecclesiology – Church Stewardship, Finances, Tithing
  • TH 709 Ecclesiology – Church Ordinances
  • TH 710 Christianity, Cults & Religions
  • TH 801 Soteriology I (Doctrine of Salvation)
  • TH 802 Soteriology II (Doctrine of Salvation)
  • TH 803 The Seven Churches in Revelation
  • TH 804 Eschatology I (The End Times)
  • TH 805 Eschatology II (The End Times)
  • TH 806 Sermon Preparation & Delivery I
  • TH 807 Sermon Preparation & Delivery II
  • TH 808 Denominations in the US
  • TH 809 The Cross of Christ I
  • TH 810 The Cross of Christ II

Graduation Requirements

Before graduating with a Doctor of Theology Degree, the student must satisfy the following requirements:

Complete at least 240 cumulative semester credit hours.

Complete all required coursework, essays, homework, and exams for the Doctor of Theology Degree Program.

Have at least a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or higher.

Complete the Ruach School of Theology Graduation Application.

Pay the required graduation fee of $350.00

Doctors Degree Thesis Requirement

  • A 75-page Thesis is required for this degree plan.
  • Presentation and defense before the RSOT Core Team is required.
  • Thesis topics will be given to the students by the Dean in the Spring of their proposed graduation year.
  • The completed thesis is due by May 1st of the student’s graduation year.
  • Once submitted and approved, the thesis becomes the property of RSOT.
  • The student is encouraged to cite all sources, as plagiarism of any material is not acceptable and may result in a failing grade. A minimum of 10 sources is required.

Total Cost w/o Books: $3,600.00 (Payment Arrangement Accepted)


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