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Faculty and Staff

Our faculty is committed to helping students develop spiritually

Faculty and Staff

Dr. Glenn Alexander

President & Co-Founder,
Doctor of Theology Degree Program Instructor

Dr. Glenn E. Alexander, ThD

Dr. Glenn is a lifelong native of Port Arthur, TX having graduated from Lincoln High in 1964.  He is also a two-time graduate of Prairie View A&M University with degrees in Biology and Nursing; a graduate of Texas Woman’s University where he studied to become a nurse practitioner, and the Mount Sinai Baptist Church Bible Institute with a Diploma in Biblical Studies. After accepting His call by God as an Apostle, he was licensed and ordained for ministry in 2008.

Dr. Glenn is co-founder and senior pastor of Ruach Ministries International. He received a Master and Doctor of Theology Degree from the Lord’s Outreach School of Theology.  He is also co-founder of the Ruach School of Theology; a registered nurse, certified pediatric nurse practitioner, and he has worked in many capacities of health in both the public and private sector.  Dr. Glenn is a business owner, Certified Christian Counselor, and a teacher/preacher of God’s Word. He has taught the word of God for over 40 years.  He was also a Lieutenant in the US Air Force.  One of his greatest passions is foreign missions.  Dr. Glenn has been a foreign missionary to the country of Haiti since 1996.  He is married to Dr. Yoshi and together they have four children and two granddaughters.

Dr. Yoshi Alexander

Dean of Administration & Co-Founder,
Bachelor of Theology Degree Program Instructor

Dr. Yoshi D. Alexander, ThD

Dr. Yoshi D. Alexander, ThD, is a wife, mother, pastor, teacher, and entrepreneur.  She is a graduate of Lamar University-Beaumont with an Associate Degree in Business Data Processing and a Bachelor’s Degree in Office Administration; the University of Phoenix with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Health Care Management; a Diploma from Light Bible Institute, Houston, TX; a Diploma in Biblical Studies from the Mount Sinai Missionary Baptist Church Bible Institute, Port Arthur, TX; and a Masters and Doctorate Degree in Theology from the Lord’s Outreach School of Theology. 

Along with her husband, Dr. Yoshi was licensed and ordained for ministry in 2008.  In addition, she and her husband are owners of Les Enfants Centre, Inc. Child Care and Development Center and Alexander’s Children Services of Port Arthur.  She is the former Bible teacher of the weekly “Be Encouraged Sunday School Review” radio program that ran for over 20 years.  Currently, Dr. Yoshi serves alongside her husband in ministry and is the founder of Dr. Yoshi D. Alexander Ministries, LLC. She retired from the City of Port Arthur in 2012 after 29 years of service with 6 of those years as the Director of Health Services. She loves God, she loves His people, and she loves serving in His kingdom in whatever capacity He assigns.  Her prayer is like that of the Apostle Paul, “…..that utterance may be given unto me, that I may open my mouth boldly, to make known the mystery of the gospel” (Eph. 6:19).

Dr. Judith A. Smith

Dean of Curriculum & Instruction,
Diploma of Biblical Studies Program Instructor

Dr. Judith A. Smith, ThD

Dr. Judith A. Smith is a 1975 graduate of Hebert High School and a 1979 graduate of Lamar University with a Bachelor’s Degree in nursing.  She received a Diploma in Biblical Studies in 2007, was licensed as a Minister in 2008, and ordained in 2010.  

Recognizing and embracing her calling to teach the Word of God, Dr. Judith received a Master of Theology Degree in 2015 and a Doctor of Theology Degree in 2016 from the Lord’s Outreach School of Theology.  She currently teaches Christian Doctrine in the Ruach School of Theology.

Dr. Judith is one of the founding members of Ruach Ministries International and currently serves under the leadership of Apostle Dr. Glenn E. Alexander and Pastor Dr. Yoshi D. Alexander.  Dr. Judith has been a Public Health Nurse for the last 38 years and currently works for the City of Port Arthur Health Department as the Director of Health Services

Her ministry affiliations include Intercessory Prayer Ministry, Marriage Ministry, Praise Team Ministry, Outreach Ministry, Praise Dance Ministry, Christian Counseling Ministry, and Women’s Ministry. Dr. Judith’s gift of exhortation has led her to exhort the Body of Christ as often as God calls her to do so.

Dr. Judith believes that there is no higher education than Christian Education and it pushes her to teach students the importance of understanding the truths in the Word of God.  Through the Doctrine class, her desire is that all the students can confidently know WHO they believe, WHAT they believe and WHY they believe it. Hosea 4:6 says, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”

Dr. Judith is married to Dr. Dallas Joseph Smith, and they have two adult children and two granddaughters.

Missionary Treva Reed Smith

Associate of Theology Degree Program Instructor

Dr. Treva Reed Smith, ThD

Dr. Treva Smith is a member of Faith Temple COGIC, under the direction of Supt. Arthur Smith, where she serves as Evangelist and the First Lady of the Faith Temple COGIC and Kountze Evangelistic District of Texas Gulf Coast Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction.  She is an active supporter of all the ministries of the church (local, district, state, and national). She is in charge of the Women’s Department of Faith Temple with Revival and Conferences, and she actively assists in the district women’s department.

Her greatest accomplishment was in November 2003 when she accepted her formal call to the ministry. After receiving her Bachelors Degree from C. H. Mason Bible College in May 2005, she also received her Evangelist Missionary license in 2005.  These events inspired her to return to college after 30 years to obtain her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from the University of Texas Medical Branch in 2008. Dr. Treva retired in 2016 from nursing after 43 years of public service

She received both her Master of Theology Degree in 2019 and Doctor of Theology Degree in 2021 from the Ruach School of Theology.  All praises to God which has always been her greatest aspiration.

Her greatest joy is ministering to the Women of God, serving as a Domestic Abuse Consultant to hurt and wounded women, and working in Smith’s Health and Wellness with her husband.

Dr. Brenda Mullin

Dean of Student Affairs,
Bachelor of Theology Program Instructor

Dr. Brenda Mullin

Dr. Brenda Mullin earned a Bachelor of Theology from Kingsway Christian College and Theological Seminary, a Master of Theology from Midwest Theological Seminary, and a Doctorate of Scriptural Psychology from Midwest Theological Seminary. Dr. Mullin furthered her Christian education through the National Christian Counseling Association obtaining certification and licensure as a Pastoral Clinical Counselor. She is also a published author.

Dr. Brenda Mullin is an ordained minister and a faithful member of Ruach Ministries International under the spiritual leadership of Apostle Glenn Alexander and Pastor Yoshi Alexander. She serves as the call to worship leader, is an active member of the Intercessory Prayer Ministry, Women’s Ministry, Christian Counseling Ministry, and she flows freely in her prophetic gifting in both forth-telling and foretelling all that the Father has to say.

Dr. Mullin’s love for God and the Word of God motivates and inspires her to dedicate her time and talents to the education of all those who desire to enhance their knowledge and understanding of what God has spoken to us in His written Word. It gives her great joy and satisfaction, while under the power of the Holy Spirit, to share with her students the wonders of God’s Word.

Dr. Melissa Fontenette

Master of Theology Degree Program Instructor

Dr. Melissa Fontenette, Instructor

Dr. Melissa Fontenette is a powerful intercessor and the visionary leader of Melissa Fontenette Ministries and Executive Director of Yielded Vessel Ministries in Port Arthur, TX.  She serves faithfully along with her husband, Apostle John Fontenette as Pastors of Rhema Word Ministries.  Dr. Melissa received both her Masters and Doctor of Theology degrees from the Lord’s Outreach School of Theology.

Dr. Melissa empowers countless men and women through the word of God. She is a pure, willing vessel that God consistently uses for His mighty works.  She is a spirit-led midwife, mentor, and coach to many women across the region.  Her mission is to continuously share the message of Jesus Christ with the world while equipping, training, and encouraging spiritual warriors to operate in their God-given assignment. She is a published author of the book “Kingdom Warrior Slay!”


Dr. Alma F. Juneau


Dr. Alma F. Juneau, ThD

A native of Port Arthur, TX, Dr. Alma attended public schools in Port Arthur, graduating from Abraham Lincoln High School class of 1971.  She is a retired Personnel Administrative Assistant with the Department of the Army with over thirty years of service.  Dr. Alma is a founding member and licensed minister of Ruach Ministries International under the leadership of Apostle Dr. Glenn E. and Pastor Dr. Yoshi D. Alexander.  Her ministry affiliations are Church Secretary, Certified Christian Counselor, Intercessory Prayer Ministry Leader, Shofar Ministry, Women’s Ministry, and Church Financial Secretary. Dr. Alma is a former member of the Bible Walk Prison Ministry at the Gist State Prison in Beaumont, Texas.

As Registrar, Dr. Alma oversees student admissions, ensures new students submit all the required documents, collects application fees and tuition payments, ensures records are updated, and oversees the student graduation process.

 Because of her love for Jesus Christ and the word of God, Dr. Alma had a desire to accomplish her spiritual assignment and pursued her Christian education in Theology.  She received an Associate of Theology Degree in 2015 and Bachelor of Theology Degree in 2016 from the Lord’s Outreach School of Theology. She received her Master of Theology Degree in 2019 and Doctor of Theology Degree in 2021 from the Ruach School of Theology. Dr. Alma’s favorite quote is “We have access to everything we need to succeed.”