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Doctorate Degree Programs

A course of study aimed at achieving the highest level

Doctorate Degree Programs

A ministry of lasting influence demands an intense focus on a message with eternal significance—the transformational gospel of Jesus Christ. This conviction defines the emphasis of the Ruach School of Theology Doctorate Degree program, a course of study aimed at achieving the most advanced degree in pastoral training.

Doctors Degree Thesis Requirement

• A 75-page Thesis is required for this degree plan.
• The completed thesis is due by May 1st of the student’s graduation year.

Doctor of  Theology (ThD)

Credit Hours: 240
Prerequisites: Master of Theology Degree or other approved courses

Through cumulative study, the Doctor of Theology degree program focuses on historical, biblical, systematic, Soteriology (the study of Salvation), Ecclesiology (the study of the Church) and Eschatology (the study of last things or end times) theology. This degree plan is designed to provide a sound theological foundation for ministerial service.


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