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Associate Degree Program

Designed for our beginning students

Associate Degree Program

This program gives you options. If you simply want to study God’s Word for the sake of your personal growth, you’ll receive a solid foundation in doctrine. However, there is much more you will benefit from with an Associate Degree.

Diploma in Biblical Studies

Credit Hours: 30
Prerequisites: None

This is an entry-level diploma program that focuses on Systematic Theology, any study that answers the question, “What does the whole Bible teach us today?” on a given topic. The Diploma of Biblical Studies is a 10-course study of Christian doctrine that lays a solid biblical foundation to help Christians know WHO they believe, WHAT they believe, and WHY they believe it. Upon successful completion, the student will receive a diploma with 30 credit hours that can be used toward an Associate degree in Year 2.

Associate of Theology

Credit Hours: 60
Prerequisites: Diploma of Biblical Studies and/or other approved courses PLUS a High School Diploma or Equivalent

This second-year degree plan builds upon year one, Diploma of Biblical Studies. Courses in the Associate of Theology Degree program will allow the student to gain  a deeper understanding of the Word of God, the knowledge and skills to mature in their walk with God while applying sound biblical principles to their daily lives, and increase their knowledge of basic foundational studies of biblical history and theology. This degree plan builds the groundwork for the Bachelor of Theology program.


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